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Pricing and Specifications subject to change with out notification. All information provided is for reference only. Please contact us if you have any questions or unsure of the type of safe, cabinet or container you require. If you choose any product from these pages with out consultation with us, it is your responsibility to ensure that the product meets any specific requirements. Cash Ratings and Insurance Rating/values are recommended only.

How you are going to feel when you return from home and see that your valuables are missing? In fact nobody wants to face this situation on any day of life. We take our whole life’s to save money and bring things that matters to us. But due to a small carelessness attempted by us, we can lose that special thing from existence. Bringing an absolute new range of safes in Brisbane for the safety of individual’s belongings- Brisbane Safes!

Looking over the increase in crimes on each day, it is very important to realize your safety. Although there are so many safes available in the market today, but we offer something that can beat the safety. You can shop these safes right from your home without taking any burden of going to the shop. We have a premium collection of Australian and International safe brands and provide them to the homes of Queensland. Our sales team can beat the lowest range of safes available at any other place. Apart from all this, we commit to our customers for providing impeccable customer service and at the most competitive prices. All the information provided on our website is true and will be provided to our customers.

This is all the information you need to buy your ideal safe

5 easy questions to determine your requirements –

  • What $ value of cash or valuables do you want to protect?
  • Do you also need to protect paper documents and/or electronic data such as computer discs?
  • What is the total overall volume, or size, of the contents you want to put in the safe?
  • What type of lock do you want – key, combination dial or digital lock?
  • Where you are going to locate the safe, is there any limits on safe size or weight?

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Let’s See What Some Have To Say?

May I take to opportunity to express on behalf of the A.P.Eagers Group (Queensland Division ) my sincere appreciation for the outstanding service that you and the H.A.Reed staff members always deliver to our organization , particularly during the past eighteen (18) months during which time your company has installed a complete new security system throughout the A.P.Eagers Group’s dealerships and branches.

Wishing you and your staff continuing successes for the future.

ROBERT KENDALL , General Manager

Process Improvement. A.P.Eagers Limited

“ With a bustling Property Management division it has been very important to find a fast and reliable locksmith. Nick and the staff at HA Reed Locksmiths have been excellent to deal with I would highly recommend them to any of my closest clients.” Richard Barlow (Principal & Owner – Open House Realty Group)

“I have been dealing with H.A Reed Locksmiths now for  a number of years and have no problem referring my clients to them knowing they will receive great service and a expedient result”.



Nick and the team at HA Reed offer incredible responsiveness with exceptional customer service. I have regularly used their services for both my personal needs and for the needs of our growing office over the past 6 years. They are true professionals. I always recommend HA Reed.

ROUSE LAWYERS, Matthew Rouse


How do you want to protect against Theft and Fire?

  • If you just want to secure cash & valuables then you need a Theft Resisting safe
  • If you want to protect valuable documents and/or computer media from fire then you need a Fire Resisting safe
  • If you want to protect against attack from theft and fire then you need a Theft and Fire Resisting safe