Our showroom has over 150 safes on display. New and used. These range from general home safes to banker and jewelers quality safes.When selecting a Safe, several factors need to be taken in to account to ensure the Safe you select is suitable for the purpose.


A Safe with a Cash Rating of $4000 will be totally different to a Safe with a Cash Rating of $100,000. They are designed to provide differing levels of burglary protection, and built to suit a particular price bracket. An old adage was to allow 10% of the value of the items to be protected for the price of the Safe, although these days the price tends to be less than this due to improvements in technology and increase in competitiveness between Manufacturers.


Keylocks, Keyless Combination Locks and Digital Keypads; Generally are of similar Security Rating, the exception being Digital Locks on Home Safes which may be less secure to a professional. Bear in mind, however, that these Safes are not designed to keep a professional out!