ChubbSafes Fire File 4 Drawer 31″ Filing Cabinet


Quick Overview

The filing cabinet is certified for two hours’ protection against fire

Key Features:

Chubbsafes Fire File 31″ with 4 drawers.

2 hours fire protection

Certified according to UL standard 72 in Class 350 Endurance for 2 hour durations.

Maximised storage capacity that allows users to gain full advantage for their storage requirements.

This two-hour certified model, each drawer is protected from fire. Even if one of the drawers is accidentally left open.

Closed drawers are still protected by the built in fire resistance partitions.

Easy operable day catch to secure the drawers when closed.

Units do not have to be locked to provide fire protection but just be pushed closed.

High-quality steel sliders to ensure comfortable operation and full drawer access.

Lighter weight construction which means smoother transportation and installation.

Interlocking system that prevents more than one drawer being open at once and eliminates risk of tipping.

Fitted with high-security locks.

Light grey, powder-coated finish and modern design which blends nicely into any office environment.

Chubbsafes Fire File 31″ is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 for quality management systems and ISO 14001 for environmental management systems.

EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 1510 x 551 x 779mm (H x W x D)

DRAWER DIMENSIONS: 290 x 387 x 604mm (H x W x D)



Product Description


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